Saturday, June 19, 2021





5 hours ago

Sending Youtubers, state-run media, diplomats and journalists from countries which you’ve paid off into the #Uyghur region is not an independent investigation.

Letting independent investigators in to conduct an independent investigation is an independent investigation.
6 hours ago
Many don’t realise but #Uyghurs have been protesting 180+ days straight in Turkey against #China’s oppression.

However are met with barricades, a substantial police force with heavily armed vehicles.

If you weren’t aware before, please retweet this so others get the message too
6 hours ago
Dünya Çin’den korkar, ama Çin Uygurlardan korkar.
6 hours ago
. @RTErdogan Allahtan değil, Çin’den korkuyor, Allah’a ibadet yerine, Çin’e tapıyor, Mazlumları sahip çıkma yerine, zalimleri destekliyor.

2 weeks ago
#China 🇨🇳 regime has forcibly separated #Uyghur families by taking young children into state orphanages.
2 weeks ago
#China 🇨🇳 regime says ‘ #Islam is a disease’
2 weeks ago
#Chinese police officer who used to work in the #Uyghur region between 2018-2020 personally witnessed severe torture of Uyghurs including;

-Suffocation induced with plastic bag

-Water pipes to forced water into lungs

-Electric rods used to electrocute penis
2 weeks ago
The #China 🇨🇳 regime police insert wires into the penis of #Uyghur detainees as a form of torture.