Monday, November 30, 2020





3 weeks ago
On this day, 12th of November our brave forefathers had established the independence of East #Turkistan by sacrificing their precious lives. Insha Allah the Uyghurs will get their independence very soon!

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2 months ago
#Uyghurs need help from the world to take action against the ongoing #Uyghur Genocide which is committed by brutal #China's regime.

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2 months ago
#Uyghuristan was invaded and occupied by communist #China since 1949.

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8 hours ago
As an #Uyghur-Australian I find it humorous that China has the nerve to lecture Australia about human rights as they are carrying out the #UyghurHolocaust.

Thank God I was born and raised in a country where I can criticise my own government and not have to worry about being

10 hours ago
巴丢草 Badiucao @badiucao
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Australia‘s war crime in Afghanistan is indeed a national disgrace & must b condemned.

However i wander when China will allow an independent investigation on its own genocide on #Uyghur #Tibetans & brutal crackdown on HK?!

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22 hours ago
Millions of #Uyghur and other #Turkic #Muslims have been locked up in #China’s concentration camps for years.

Miss Rabigul searching for her mother but she couldn't find any information about her mother. If you want to help please share this video, Thank you
23 hours ago
Three criminals who are committing genocide against #Uyghurs.

"Three Puppeteers"

#China’s brutal Communist Party Chief Chen Quanguo and his #Uyghur puppet governor Shokret Zakir are controlled by dictator #XiJinping. They are all responsible for the brutal crackdown of Uyghurs.