Saturday, October 24, 2020





1 week ago
#Uyghurs need help from the world to take action against the ongoing #Uyghur Genocide which is committed by brutal #China's regime.

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3 weeks ago
#Uyghuristan was invaded and occupied by communist #China since 1949.

#Uyghur #URA

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3 months ago
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8 hours ago
The Saudis are not just removing Turkish products from their shelves.

They’re also sending #Uyghurs to their deaths.
8 hours ago
Saudis are removing Turkish products.

Kuwaitis are removing French products.

When the hell are we going to start removing Chinese products?

20 hours ago
“The whole world can see that the Chinese communist party doesn’t speak the truth.”

#China #Uyghur #Pakistan
6 days ago
The #Chinese Communist Party disappeared journalists, they hid doctors who knew the truth, they covered up, they allowed people to transit out of Wuhan when they knew better. These are the kind of things that authoritarian regimes do. The whole world can now see.

7 days ago
#Çin Müslüman Uygur Türklerinin çocuklarını ailelerinden ayırıyor.

#Müslüman #Uygur