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1 day ago
“Organizing a HUGE initiative to mobilize students across the US and UK to end the #UyghurGenocide on March 20 w/ @iamimazulqadir @subboor18 @LouisaCGreve @UyghurProject

Don’t miss out! Goal is 100 schools!

Sign up your institution using the link below:
2 days ago
Thread explaining #China’s genocide against #Uyghurs.
John Stone @jnzst
Ten years of birth rate data shows how remarkable the situation in Xinjiang is, where the birth rate has halved in two years.

Red is Xinjiang. Black is China's average. Every other province is blue.
3 days ago
This #WorldHijabDay let’s recognize the banning of the hijab by the #Chinese regime.

Let’s recognize @Nike’s involvement in #UyghurSlaveLabour.

It’s quite possible that those #Nike Hijabs came from an #Uyghur in #China’s #ConcentrationCamps.
4 days ago
We’ve gone from "Never Again" to "Let’s Pretend It Never Happens Again."


2 hours ago
"If forced sterililization and forced labor, separating families, the internment of a million people with the aim of the destruction of people who are non-Han #Chinese, if thats not genocide then the world has lost its way," Pompeo told Fox.

#Uyghur #China 🇨🇳
10 hours ago
Millions of #Uyghur fathers are locked up in #China’s concentration camps. Their children don’t know where their fathers are!!!
21 hours ago
Mass internment, forced sterilization, and a sudden decline in #Uyghur birthrates: